Brew Your Tea in Seconds: Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser for Tea

Looking for an easy-to-use, energy efficient way that can offer boil water faster than a conventional kettle? Then, instant hot water dispenser can be the right choice.

As an alternative to the conventional kettle, instant home hot water dispensers are quickly taking the nation by storm.

Since you’re here, you’re probably looking for the best instant hot water dispenser for home use.

Here are our in-depth reviews of the top 7 most popular models available alongside a helpful buying guide.

Best Instant Hot Water Dispensers for Tea – A Great Alternative to Traditional Kettle

  • Best Functional – InSinkErator HWT-F1000S: Capacity- 2/3-gallon/ 60 cups/hour
  • Best Value- Ready Hot RH-200-F560-BN – capacity- 60 cups/hour
  • Best for Design InSinkErator Invite H-HOT100: capacity- 2/3 gallon
  • Best Combo – hot water tank & faucet: WasteKing H711-U-SN: 5/8-gallon/ 100 cups/ hour
  • Best Countertop – Zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT: 4-liter Capacity
  • Best Top Loading- Avalon A1WATERCOOLER A1: 3 or 5 Gallon Bottles

1. Best Functional – Instant Hot Water Tank – InSinkErator HWT-F1000S

Key Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 2/3-gallon holding capacity
  • Adjustable temperature from 160°F to 210°F
  • Exclusive warranty

Here’s a redesigned model from the popular InSinkErator brand. The upgraded HWT-F1000S features the new F-1000S water filtration system.

The high-end appearance with stainless steel construction offers improved performance and longer lifespan of the unit.

The 2/3-gallon convenient tank capacity is perfect for most household uses. The tank capacity is just perfect for letting the system fastly heat the water inside. It provides near-boiling, filtered water.

It’s nice to add here that there is an adjustable temperature control dial. It’s easy to use and simple to adjust the temperature for your desired instant hot water.

It’s not only an instant hot water system but also an effective filtration system. It eliminates chlorine and other contaminants and improves your water taste.

It’s also worth noting that it includes an exclusive 3 -year In-Home Limited Warranty on the tank and 1-Year on the filtration system.

2. Best Value – Ready Hot RH -200 – F560-BN

Key Features

  • Delivers 190-degree hot water
  • 60 cups per hour
  • Automated heater protection
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Brushed nickel dual lever faucet

The Ready Hot RH-200-F560-BN is a great Hot Water Dispenser.  It’s also one of the few options that designed to deliver 190-degree water at your fingerprints. No waste of hot water, use only what you need.

It can deliver 60 cups of 190F hot water per hour. This near-boiling water- is perfect for making instant foods or beverage in seconds. You can also use hot water for many other household tasks.

Of course, this best instant hot water heater comes with automated heater protection. This feature prevents the tank from burnout in case of dry start.

The 2.5 quarts stainless steel reservoir features double faucet for hot and cold water. The faucets are brushed nickel to add style to your kitchen.

Lastly, the unit won’t cost more to maintain.

3. Best Design Instant Hot Only Water Dispenser – InSinkErator Invite H – HOT100

Key Features

  • 2/3-gallon capacity
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Tool-free tank connections
  • dry-start protection
  • Easy-push button activation
  • Instant, self-closing hot valve
  • Satin Nickel finish

Here’s another hot water dispenser system from InSinkErator. H-HOT100 is the advanced and most budget-friendly addition to the InSinkErator Invite series.

It comes with 2/3-gallon stainless steel hot water tank, and satin nickel finishes instant hot water dispenser. The dry-start protection and tool-less tank connection make the unit easy to install.

H-HOT100 helps to add the usefulness and convenience of near-boiling water to your sink. You can instantly prepare tea, hot coffee and much more.

Moreover, there is an easy push-button to make using the unit hassle-free. The easy to adjust temperature control let you get your desired hot water (160’F to 210’F).

It’s also worth noting that H-HOT100 is compatible with the InSinkErator Filtration System. Finally, this bad boy comes with an exclusive 1-year In-home limited warranty.

Overall, it’s a complete system to make it simple to add instant hot water to your kitchen.

H-CONTOUR-SS is another model of this brand. If you prefer Chrome finish and want more warranty,  it can be the best option for you.  This model comes with an exclusive ‘We Come to You’ 3-Year In-Home Limited Warranty. To buy Click here.

4. Best Combo – Hot Water Tank & Faucet: WasteKing H711-U-SN

Key Features

  • 5/8-gallon water capacity
  • Fingertip thermostat adjustment
  • Open vent Coronado faucet

Are you looking for a functional and elegant hot water dispenser? Then, this WasteKing H711-U-SN can be a very useful investment for you.

To add convenience as well as elegance to your kitchen, this dispenser is second to none. Firstly, it comes with a 5/8- gallon tank to provide a generous amount of hot water. It can deliver a maximum of 100 cups hot water per hour.

Secondly, the near-boiling water (up to 190 degrees F) is perfect for making tea, soup or coffee. Additionally, the 1300-watt heating element ensures a quick heating time. This water dispenser also offers fingerprint adjustment to get the desired hot water.

Its insulated tank features stainless steel construction. The self-contained expansion chamber decreases dripping. Its quick connect fittings that come with the unit are easy to install. And the improved connections reduce the possibility of twisted water lines.

The H711-U-SN comes installed with a power cord. An open vent Coronado faucet is also included with the package.

Lastly, this energy efficient dispenser will help you to save your electric bills.

Here we’re going to end our reviews of best instant hot water dispenser.

But wait, there is more for you!

If you’re looking for only to buy Instant hot water tank, there are two great options for you.

5. Best Countertop Instant Hot Water Dispenser -Zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT

Key Features

  • 4 temperature settings (keep warm)
  • Quick temp mode
  • Micro computerized temperature control system
  • Energy-saving timer function
  • Detachable lid
  • Made in japan

Don’t you just hate when the electric bill gets high? Then, it’s definitely time to get the Zojirushi VE Hybrid Water Boiler and Dispenser.

Zojirushi hot water Dispenser is designed to deliver hot or warm water with optimum energy efficiency. It features a double insulation wall (stainless steel) and a layer of vacuum insulation that keeps water hot with very little electricity.

And what’s even more interesting is that its 4 temp mode quickly brings water to the desired temperature level without boiling. Thus, it substantially cut downs heating time.

It also offers 4 keep-warm temperature settings. Importantly, its Automatic Shut-off function keeps safe the unit from the damage of overheating.

When it comes to cleaning, this bad boy is incredibly easy to clean. The clear coated steel body and nonstick interior make cleaning a breeze.

All in all, the Zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT is the ideal appliance for anyone looking for an energy efficient yet affordable water warmer and boiler. Certainly, you won’t go wrong with this top-rated Instant Hot Water Dispenser.

6. Avalon A1WATERCOOLER A1 – Best Instant Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Key Features

  • Innovative Slim Design
  • Hot & Cold Water Spout
  • Holds 3 or 5 Gallon Bottles
  • Easy-to-use paddle spouts
  • Child safety lock on the hot water faucet

Looking for the best hot and cold water dispenser for home or office? Then, this water Dispenser form Avalon may be just the product you need.

It’s a top loading, corner water dispenser perfect for home or office setting. The stylish & innovative slim design fits nicely in any corner of the home and even in small spaces.

Avalon A1 offers you hot water (185°F) and fresh cold water (47°F). The hot spout lets you make instant soup, hot cocoa or a quick cup of tea. On the other hand, the cold spout is perfect for cool refreshments.

One of the advantages of this dispenser is you can spot easily if the dispenser is running out of water. Another great feature is the child safety lock on the hot water spout. So, you can use it without worry.

Finally, this water cooler Avalon complies with all standards of Energy Star and UL listed. Overall, it’s an outstanding, functional Top Loading Cooler Dispenser.

7. Best Dispenser Faucet & Instant Hot Tank kit – Westbrass D271H-12

Key Features

  • Solid brass faucet
  • Spring-piston handle
  • Quick heating stainless steel tank

When it comes to buying the best Single-Handle Hot Water Dispenser Faucet Kit with tank, this model from Westbrass is well worth taking a closer look. The kit includes Solid brass faucet with quick heating stainless steel tank.

Firstly, the faucet comes with a high-arc spout that makes it attractive to look. It features an auto-off lever that automatically shut off the hot water. This adds safety to the system and makes it energy saver. What’s more, piston handle offers easy and quick water control.

It’s nice to add here that the faucet comes with mounting materials to ensure a single-hole, convenient installation.

The downside of this product is you cannot modify the tank for cold water usage. Otherwise, it’s one of the best options if you want to buy a reliable Hot Water Dispenser Faucet Kit with tank.

A. Hot and quick Instant Hot Water Tank only – Waste King AH – 1300-C

Key Features

  • 5/8 gallon, 60 cups hour capacity
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Auto re-setting thermostat
  • Easy fingertip temperature adjustment
  • Heater protection with auto-resetting thermal fuse

Waste King AH-1300-C is one of the best replacements for a much more expensive unit. Why pay for branding something you never see! The unit is not only energy efficient but also compact and safe. We’re almost at the end of our review.

This Instant Hot Water Tank is a great, little heater that heats water quickly and performs very well. The water (140° to 190°) is hot enough for making tea, coffee, soup and much more.

Of course, it comes with an intuitive switch placed on it that helps you set the water’s temperature easily. You can turn off or set the temperature between high and low level using this switch.

Finally, this tank is very easy to install. Also, it comes with an excellent price tag.

B. Best Under Sink Instant Hot Water Dispenser – Franke HT-200

Key Features

  • Stainless steel tank
  • 2 gallon) 60-cup/hr. recovery rate
  • Flexible Hose Connection Kit included
  • Required for all The Little Butler Series faucets

This Franke HT-200 is suitable to use with Franke hot and cold water LB-1000 and LB-2000 dispensers.

It comes with a stainless steel tank with ½ gallon capacity that can deliver 60 cups per hour. Certainly, this capacity is enough for cooking something at dinner or making a cup of tea in the morning.

One of the advantages of using this tank is its undermount installation. That means if you have a small kitchen space, it’ll be quite beneficial.

The package includes a Flexible Hose Connection Kit. So, it won’t be tough to assemble and connect it to the faucet.

[ Franke also offers you Water Dispenser Hot Water Tank with Ultracarb Ceramic Water Filter to Keep your water tasting great for up to six months. Model Franke HT-300 ]

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser for Tea

Important Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Instant Hot Water Dispensers for Tea

All right!

Finally, we’ve succeeded to convince you huh?

But before buying best hot water dispensers for your home or office, you should consider a couple of factors.

  • The diverse range of temperature

One of the useful features of this appliance is the temperature range and control. So, you have an option to choose your preferred temperature. Some models allow you to set the temp somewhere between 145 and 190- degree F, whereas some others allow setting between 140 and 210-degree F.

You can set them in a high setting for the nearly boiling water.

Some models come with preset temp options that limit your choice to several programmed temperature settings.

  • Build- quality

This appliance comes with stainless steel, brass or silicone housing with satin nickel, chrome, or oil-rubbed bronze finish. Models with stainless steel housing are more durable and sturdy enough to withstand heat and elements. Additionally, the finish protects the unit from the harsh environment and offers aesthetic properties.

  • Warranty

Purchasing a unit that offers a warranty will bring peace of mind. Depending on the brand and model, these appliances come with one to three years of generous warranty. Don’t forget to check the extended warranty in case of defects or breakdowns.

  • Other factors to consider

Faucet- Most of the models come included with faucet. But this isn’t the case always. Sometimes, you may need to buy it separately if the package doesn’t include one.

Timer– Check your selected model comes with a timer. It’s one of the useful and convenient features. A timer allows you to activate the device to run in specified hours.

Indicator alert– This is a useful and safety feature. It alerts you when the water reaches the boiling point, or the water level runs low. However, some models allow you to choose from beeps or melody.

  • Size

Most of the available Instant Hot Water Dispensers are small in size. Still, you have to consider how much space is available in your kitchen to accommodate the tank. So, make sure where you’ll set the unit and how much space you have available.

  • Capacity

It’s by far the most essential factor to consider when buying an Instant Hot Water Dispenser for your home or office. Figure out how many cups of water you need to meet your need. Getting the requirements right will ensure that your instant Hot Water Dispenser system is sufficient for your office or home instant hot water requirements.

  • Price & Your Budget

Ah yes, the all-important aspect when buying the best home water dispenser is the unit price and your budget. Consider the budget before making a buying decision.

How an Instant Hot Water Dispenser Works

It’s actually very simple!

This device works just like an electric water heater.

Inside the unit, there is a tank that contains heating element that is controlled thermostatically.

You can even adjust or set your desired temp. Based on the setting of the thermostat that you set, it maintains the temp of the water.

The water comes up from the water supply line into an especially designed filtration system.

From there, it travels through the system into the tank where it’s heated to preset or your desired temp.

When you use the water, it’s replaced by more freshly filtered water into the tank.

And with the recovery system, it can deliver boiling water.

If your chosen model is designed for both cold and hot water dispensing, you can also enjoy the cold water.

The cold water travels directly from the filtration system to the faucet. Just hold the cold or hot lever to dispense the water you want.

How to Install Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Here I’ll explain the installation process of InSinkErator hot water dispenser. It’s easy to install if you follow the steps below.

Keep in mind that installation may slightly vary depending on your selected model.

  • Step 1: Preparation

Select the location for installing the dispenser tank and faucet.

Measure your counter thickness. Check to make sure it’s 3-inch thick or less. Note that there must have proper clearance for the faucet handles to operate.

Shut off the supply line of water.

  • Step 2: Installing the faucet

To do this, first unpack the device and other included components.

Straighten the included copper tubing on a flat and firm surface. Do it carefully.

Next, attach the O-ring in the base of the dispenser head. Ensure the O-ring is seated correctly.

Now feed the tubes down through the hole in the countertop or sink. Ensure the base of the faucet rests correctly on the sink or countertop surface.

Attach the hex nut and circular mounting plate on to the threaded stud. You may need an assistant to hold the dispenser.

Secure the faucet by tightening the nut by hand and then use the supplied hex tool to complete tightening.

  • Step 3: Mounting the dispenser tank

Select a place under your sink where you plan to mount the tank vertically within reach of both electrical connections and plumbing.

Mark the screw locations on the side of the cabinet.

Now drill the holes at the marks.

Turn the provided screws into these pre-drilled holes. You need to leave the screws about a quarter-inch exposed. Hang the tank on the screws, then tighten the screws. Avoid overtightening.

  • Step 4: Connecting the faucet to the tank

Connect the blue, white, and clear tubes (some models may come with different color tubes) on to the corresponding fitting on the tank.

Push the blue tube connector down until it clicks into the place.

Finally, check to make sure there are no crimped or pinched tubes

  • Step 5: Connect the water supply line

Install a tee fitting (you may need to buy it separately) on to the existing cold water supply line.

It’s recommended to install a dedicated water control valve with the quarter-inch compression fitting.

Connect the copper inlet tubing to the tee fitting using the compression nut.

Next, turn on the supply line of water.

Finally, open the hot water faucet to fill the tank until water flows through the spout.

Plug the cord into the grounded electrical outlet, which will begin heating the water.

** If you want to add a filter on the system, put it between the cold water supply and the faucet.

Instant Hot Water Dispensing System and Electric Kettle: Which One Is More Efficient?

Both electric kettle and instant hot water dispensers are essential for improving your kitchen performance.

But when it comes to choosing the right appliance, the frequently asked question is, “which one is more efficient?”

Electric Kettle

Electric kettle or electric tea kettle is a portable appliance that you can carry it anywhere you need.

They are good for boiling smaller quantities of water and economical. Moreover, they are not very expensive and cost a little lower than hot water dispenser.

Electric tea kettles have lower water capacity when compared to the instant hot water dispenser. They are only suitable for a small family or office of 3 to 5 employees.

To boil 500ml of water, an electric kettle uses almost the same amount of water as compared to the instant hot water dispenser. But if you need to use the kettle repeatedly, it’s an entire waste of energy.

Electric kettles are not energy efficient for repeated uses. To boil water for 10 to 20 people, a kettle may need at least 3 to 4 refills.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Instant hot dispensers are point-of-use appliances that need plumbing.

In terms of capacity instant hot water dispensers are larger. And they are more energy-efficient than electric tea kettles. They can boil the double or triple amount of water than the electric kettles do.

Some models have an auto-shutdown feature, which makes them safe and energy-efficient.

This appliance is also affordable, and some models come with prices as low as an electric kettle. However, you can get feature-rich models that are somewhat expensive.

The summary…

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Vs Electric Kettle

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

  • More energy-efficient for boiling large quantity of water
  • Versatile, high-end models can dispense both cold and hot water
  • Water remains hot inside. So, you can make tea, or warm baby bottles whenever you need.
  • High-capacity
  • Safe to use
  • Under mount hot water dispenser allows you to install it under the sink saving countertop space
  • come with several safety features to protect the users and unit
  • Features different range of temperature

Electric Kettle

  • Less energy-efficient as compared to instant water dispenser
  • Designed only to boil water
  • Water doesn’t remain hot for a long time. You have to use the hot water instantly.
  • Low-capacity
  • moving a kettle with hot water isn’t safe
  • Takes spaces on the countertop
  • No safety features included
  • It doesn’t have adjustable temperature settings.


We’re almost at the end of the journey.

Hope, you’ve found out the Best solutions to instant hot water.

No more stovetop boiling, no more mess, no more water waste!

Just pick any of the best instant hot water dispenser form our list to meet your need. All the products reviewed here are best in their class. So, you can rely on them for getting instant hot water.

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