Troubleshooting Water Dispenser Leaking: Common Causes and Solutions

Is your water dispenser leaking, and you’re worried about how to fix it? This article will guide and enable you to solve the issue with ease. You won’t have to throw the water dispenser away or seek professional help.

A leaking water dispenser wastes a lot of water if the problem persists. It might also contaminate your water, causing illnesses.

There are several reasons why leaks in a dispenser happen. It might be because it is getting old already or some parts are failing, which is common.

Having said so, it is important to get it fixed immediately. Buying a new water dispenser will be your last option.

Fixing a leaking water dispenser is pretty easy. You’ll, however, need some basic knowledge and tools. In this article, we will tackle all that.

Identifying the Causes of a Leaking Water Dispenser

Let us now list different ways to fix that leaking water dispenser. But before that, you must know the specific reason why it is broken. This way, you’ll know the right steps to take.

Water Dispenser Leaking from the Spout

  • Loose nozzle seal

Check the nozzle seal carefully. If you see some moisture on it, then there is a chance of leakage. Usually, you’ll see them. You must investigate more to point out the main issue.

  • Solution

You must replace the nozzle seal or the rubber bushing to solve the problem. You can find one online or in the hardware. Fixing it is pretty easy by simply getting access to the nozzle’s interior.

You can use your bare hands or pliers to remove and attach the seal. Be sure that you have sanitized your hands and tools. This will prevent any contamination from happening.

Water Dispenser Leaking from the Bottom

  • There is a blockage

This is one of the most common reasons for a leaking water dispenser. It puts unnecessary pressure on the inside components of the dispenser.

You must find the blockage and remove it as soon as possible. This will stop the leakage and prevent any further damages to the water dispenser.

  • Solution

Determine where the blockage is. Afterward, you can use your hand or a clean tool to remove the blockage. Clean up the water dispenser later to prevent contamination.

Improper installation

There are times when installation can go wrong. Because of valves, housing that is not tightened carefully, and misaligned components, leaking might occur.

  • Solution

Reattaching the components might help. By starting the installation all over again, you can fix the problem. This time around, you must be careful when putting the components together.

Water Dispenser Leaking from the Top

  • Cracked housing

Due to age and extreme weather, the housing of the water dispenser might get damaged. You can usually notice some leaks when there is a crack in the bottle.

If this is the case, changing the housing is not applicable. This is because replacement housings are seldom sold.

So, in case there is a problem with the housing, buying a new one is recommended. It is not advisable to put some sealant as it might contaminate the water inside it.

  • Solution

Buy new housing in case it is available. If not, buy a new water dispenser unit.

Leaking from the Back

  • There is a trapped air inside

The presence of extra air inside the components can be harmful. It makes air bubbles form over time.

This results in unnecessary pressure on the internal parts of the water dispenser. The water will find its way to come out of the dispenser to release pressure.

  • Solution

Flush out the water inside the dispenser. This will release the extra air that is inside the dispenser.

Be sure to catch the drained water with a basin. This will help you conserve water as you can still use it for other things.

Erratic Water Valve

This component is important in a water dispenser. It acts as an entry point for the water and the primary step for water treatment.

Most of the time, this component malfunctions due to age. Once a blockage occurs, it elevates into a leakage if taken for granted.

  • Solution

It may sound complicated but fixing this problem is easy. If the water valve is still repairable, tightening it might fix the issue.

But, there are times when things are not fixable. In this case, you have to replace the water valve completely. But do not worry because that particular part is very affordable.

Solving Water Dispenser Leaking: Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

If you are still clueless about why there is a leak on your water dispenser, start with the basics. You must look at every corner of the water dispenser. The problem might be lying around somewhere; that’s why you must figure it out.

If the water dispenser is new and is already leaking, there is something wrong with the installation. Most probably, there is not enough tightness on the components of the water dispenser. This makes the water leak out of the dispenser.

Another great way to find a leak is to observe the water levels. This is because there are times that leaking is not noticeable.

But you must not give up. One way or another, you’ll find the leak if you are patient.

Basic Steps in Fixing a Leaking Water Dispenser

We’ll now talk about the basic steps that you can follow to fix that leaking water dispenser. With these simple yet effective steps, we got you covered:

Warning: If your water dispenser is an electric-type, be sure to unplug it first before starting the repair. This will prevent accidents from happening.

  • Step 1: Remove the water bottle

Remove the water bottle/housing before you perform the repairs. You’ll spare yourself from cleaning more mess from the leak and prevent contaminating the bottle.

  • Step 2: Inspect where the leak is coming from

Before concluding anything, be sure to know the real cause of the leak. After determining it, this is now the time to fix it based on the issue.

You’ll start with the disassembly before you get access to its inner components.

  • Step 3: Be sure to assemble the components back properly

After solving the problem, assemble it back the right way. Be sure that there are no loose components to ensure that no other issues will occur.

  • Step 4: Test it

To ensure that there are no leaks anymore, be sure to test them after repair. After that, when everything is working fine already, wipe the dispenser with a clean cloth. This will make sure that your dispenser is sanitized and perfect to use.

FAQs: Water Dispenser Leaking

Is it possible for a brand new water dispenser to leak?

Yes. A new water dispenser might leak if it’s improperly installed or in case of factory defects.

How can you prevent water dispenser leakage?

To prevent water dispenser leakage, clean it regularly to prevent dirt buildup that can cause unnecessary pressure.

What is the best thing to do the first time you see your water dispenser leaking?

The first thing to do is removing the water bottle to stop the leakage immediately.

Where should you store your water dispenser?

It is advisable to store a water dispenser in a cool and shaded place to prevent cracks and lengthen its lifespan.

Is leakage on your water dispenser covered by warranty?

Yes, as long as the unit is still in its warranty period.


Having a water dispenser can give you a lot of benefits. It can provide potable water for you and your family. But, leakage can be very annoying. With the tricks and tips that we have discussed above, everything is solvable.

So, there is no reason to throw that leaking water dispenser away immediately. It is easy to fix.

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